Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Eventful Hurunui?

Eventful Hurunui is a new community organisation that supports event organisers and promotes events in the Hurunui District. Eventful Hurunui supports existing and new events by providing access to essential information and connecting people with resources.


Q. How does Eventful Hurunui promote and support events?

Eventful Hurunui is developing a website with resources for event organisers seeking information about planning new events or expanding existing events in the Hurunui District. The website includes comprehensive lists of event suppliers, such as accommodation and catering, and a calendar of events to reduce ‘double-ups’ and identify opportunities. The event calendar will be promoted to people wanting to attend events so they can see at a glance what’s on in the Hurunui District.


Q. Why was Eventful Hurunui set up?

The Eventful Hurunui website was set up to bring together all the available event resources and suppliers in one searchable database making it much easier for event organisers to find the venue, catering, security, entertainment and promotional services they require for their events. Hurunui District hosts a number of successful events, such as the district’s A and P Shows and the Omihi School Farm Run. These events bring people into the district creating economic and social opportunities for local businesses and residents. There is enormous scope for growing existing events and creating more events that would generate additional economic activity for the district. The challenge has been connecting event organisers with suppliers and resources within the district to enable events to develop efficiently and successfully. The Eventful Hurunui website should help connect people and resources.


Q. Who’s the website for?

The Eventful Hurunui website is for:

  • Event organisers looking for information and resources to expand their existing events and plan new events in the Hurunui District;

  • Event suppliers wanting to let event organisers know about their businesses, products and services in the Hurunui District;

  • People wanting to attend events in the Hurunui District.


Q. How does the website work for event organisers?

Event organisers can visit the Event Hurunui website and search the database for many different categories of supplier, including venues, catering, accommodation, security, equipment hire, transport and marketing. Equally importantly, the website provides links to rules and regulations that impact upon events, such as alcohol licensing and traffic management. The online calendar allows event organisers to see which dates are already taken and when other events could compete with or complement their planned events. By bringing all the critical event information and resources together in one place it will be much easier for event organisers to see what’s available to plan their future events in the Hurunui District. Event organisers can also list themselves on the website if they would like to offer their services to people wanting professional assistance with their events.


Q. How does the website work for event suppliers?

Event suppliers are invited to register their business, product or service with Eventful Hurunui and have a free listing on the website. There is no limit to the number of businesses that can list their products and services in any particular category. Event suppliers will be able to see which other businesses have listed and potentially identify gaps where they could offer their existing or even additional services in specific locations or categories where there are shortfalls. For example a lack of accommodation or catering options in some towns might present an opportunity for local entrepreneurs. Suppliers wanting to list their business, products and services should visit, select the ‘event supplier’ link and then fill in the online questionnaire. If you require help completing the online form, please email us for assistance on:


Q. How does the website work for people wanting to attend events?

People wanting to attend events can search the online calendar to see at a glance what events are on each day of the year. Events listed will have a basic description and either a link to each individual event’s website and social media, or contact information. People planning to attend an event and wanting to stay overnight could search the accommodation database on the website to see what options are available. People wanting to attend events can also suggest events they’d like to attend to help organisers plan future events.


Q. How is the website being promoted?

Eventful Hurunui is promoting the website through its own social media (Facebook and Instagram) and the Hurunui District Council website, Facebook and rates newsletter. Eventful Hurunui is also encouraging every business that lists on the website to provide a web link from their own websites, and to like and share the Eventful Hurunui Facebook page through their social media. The website will be promoted directly to event organisers locally and nationally.


Q. Is it realistic to expect event organisers to create new events in the Hurunui District?

The Hurunui District has a history of local people creating successful events. Recently the Hurunui Garden Festival has been successfully launched, that promotes open gardens, accommodation, food and wine and other attractions within the district as part of its weekend event. The success of the Hurunui Garden Festival shows there’s untapped potential in the district to create new events. Events based in the natural environment, for example recreational activities such as marathons and fun runs, or promote the natural bounty of the district are well placed to succeed. Small events such as garden weddings also create economic activity for the district and raise the profile of local suppliers within the wedding industry.


Q. What help is available for existing events and organisers?

Any existing event organisers can list their events on the website and access the database of suppliers and the council information relating to event rules and regulations. By searching through the database existing event organisers may find new suppliers or professional services such as marketing, advertising and sponsorship that might help them grow their events. Existing event organisers will be able to connect with other organisers and potentially work together to co-promote, combine, or expand their events. Subject to demand, Eventful Hurunui will coordinate workshops for local event organisers to ensure people are aware of and can access the resources and assistance available to them.


Q. Who’s involved with Eventful Hurunui?

Eventful Hurunui is run by a voluntary board of directors, who provide the vision and leadership for the organisation assisted by a professional marketing team. The directors are Meg Macfarlane (chairperson), Cr Marie Black, Claire Inkson and Claudine Barnes.

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